Winter Storm Impacts Maggie Valley

It’s here! A strong winter storm impacts Maggie Valley and the Western North Carolina mountains region along with the entire eastern seaboard. The roads are pretty treacherous in the mountains today, but the road crews are keeping the main roads cleared. The back roads are remaining a mess though. I had to help some friends at their house on a steep, high ridge, earlier today, and I needed to put chains on my 4-wheel drive to get to their house and also needed them to get back to my home at 4300 elevation; very slippery. Chains are sort of a drag to put on and take off, but they sure allow you to go anywhere when the conditions are icy/slippery.
So far today we’ve had at least 8-10 inches of accumulation of wet snow in the higher elevations, but it’s lightened in the afternoon. The weather gurus are promising another large bout of snow later this evening. Pretty much everything has grinded to halt across the Carolinas and Tennessee. Last night at the Ingles grocery store in Waynesville it was super crowded and shelves were beginning to be stripped. So, today and tomorrow, and quite possibly Sunday, will be homebound days for many people in the area. For me, no more going anywhere if I don’t have to. I’ll enjoy the weather on foot for a couple of days.
So this storm is our first taste of real winter this season. It seems up until now we had gotten off fairly easy compared to last winter which hit us early, repeatedly, and hard. Who knows how the rest off the winter is going to be, but I have a feeling it will be easy going after this storm. I like seeing the snow for the ski area, but curse it when it restricts my travel and interrupts my real estate business, as I’m sure it does for most people who feel economic impacts from it. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do except enjoy it when it comes; it’s all a part of the joys of mountain living.
Maggie Valley Snow