Rendezvous Restaurant in Maggie Valley

Since moving to Maggie Valley two years ago, Jeff and I have had lots of opportunities to test out some of the restaurants in the Valley and one of our favorites is the Rendezvous Restaurant at the Maggie Valley Inn. The first time we ate there we were not too sure what to expect since the nebulous, funky, retro, decor with its 70’s green vinyl booths, expanded dining area with cafeteria style tables and a bingo hall vibe, together hinted that we shouldn’t get too excited. The large, U-shaped bar, offered standing room only as the seats were filled with, who we now understand, are tired and thirsty locals who drop in after work to catch up on the day and shoot the bull with friends. We didn’t have to wait long as we chose our own booth and a friendly, accommodating waitress took our drink orders and returned promptly to take our order which this night was a basic pepperoni pizza which we figured couldn’t be that difficult to produce in at least a comparable manner to a doctored-up store bought version.

The pizza arrived in a very reasonable 15 minutes and looked amazingly appetizing which tempted us to hope that it would taste close to as tasty as it appeared. After serving us each a slice, and offering garlic, parmesan, and chili pepper, the waitress left us to indulge. As we struggled to wrap the strings of hot, melted, full fat mozzarella around our forks, while blowing hot air out of our surprised mouths, Jeff and I locked eyes in the throws of gastronomical glee: this pizza was great! Not that we are experts on food, but we’ve both been around the country and tried enough pizza from some of the “best” places, so we think we know good pizza when we have it. To top it off, the menu prices are phenomenal. We had ordered the large thinking we would be bringing half of it home in leftovers, but we ended up almost devouring the whole thing. And this pizza was not just a fluke: it is consistently delectable and we imbibe at least once a week. If pizza’s not your thing, you MUST try the fried chicken. This is some serious, pressure cooked to juicy tenderness, deep fried goodness, served with your choice of sides like a big house salad, potato salad, coleslaw, crispy fries, etc… There are too many solidly good dishes to break-down in this little blog, but suffice it to say, you may find yourself returning often to sample them all.

In addition to the good food, the restaurant extends live entertainment; Thursday nights is Piano man night with lots of people who come out to dance and partake in the country buffet. Besides Thursdays there is live rock band entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday and Sunday features a hearty breakfast buffet. In the summer there is a lively and crowded Tiki Bar by the pool.

All-in-all, for people who prefer a unique, small town atmosphere, great food, good service and the option of entertainment, the Rendezvous just might become your go-to place, as it has for Jeff and me. Rendezvous Website and Menu